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    A follow up to my last entry: Today is a classic paranoid spring day: sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, snow on the foothills, and threatening storms whirling across the landscape. It would be a good day for a horse to come unglued. I rode anyway. I started with the horse that feels like compressed dynamite. Like the naïve two-year old that he is not, he ogled every anomaly in sight. Despite the over stimulation he walked less than he danced, which is an improvement over our last ride.
    Then, I traded Mr. Wide-eyed Wonder for Mr. Two Ton. He, too, started off snorty and wide-eyed. We had a brief debate over who was in charge and then he proceeded like the well-traveled gentleman he really is. Once, when he was sure we were going back home, we had to have another brief little conversation. “Rats, the flapjack’s staying in the griddle this time.” We had a delightful ride despite the rain and wind. It just goes to show that failure is not always a bad thing. In this case, failure served to wake me up and reaffirm my confidence.