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Stories. Did you know that some people have stories jumping around in their heads and itching to get out? Do you have stories in your head? I attended a gathering of non-fiction writers last night to hear words of wisdom and encouragement from one of our well-traveled local writers. He explained that his transition from photographer to writer was driven, in part, by the stories in his head. He came to realize that his photographs captured a moment, almost voyeuristically, without explaining the stories behind the subjects. This frustrated him. Several listeners murmured in recognition. They chuckled over the cacaphony of stories in their collective heads.

Am I alone in my poor empty head? I have no stories. There’s nothing in there. Nada. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy writing grants. I can take someone else’s story and make it interesting to read. Or I can craft the story of an organization to make it appealing to a potential benefactor.

I enjoy the craft of putting words together, balancing a sentence, achieving the rhythm and flow of a good paragraph. But I have no stories. There are no subjects for my word games. No characters to populate my sentences. I have an empty noggin. It’s lonely in there.

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