Having survived and thrived the trip of a lifetime,
having processed over a thousand digital images,
having caught up__sort of__on correspondence and bills,
having emptied the suitcase, put it away, and washed the laundry,
having cleaned the house and tried to catch up on cat love,
having finished two summer reading books,
I dedicated this morning to catching up what has transpired during the past month on my blog roll.

How do people keep up with the enormous amount of reading and writing required of active blogging? And most people have full time jobs, in addition! I feel completely overwhelmed by my own relatively small blog community. Their posts are too interesting to skip or ignore. I may start skimming a post, but inevitably I get caught up in the topic, dazzled by the writing, and find myself responding.

It is high time I harness my own roving thoughts and put my fingers to the keyboard. The problem is, as always…what to write about? So many disparate ideas float just above reach of my helter-skelter mind…I need discipline! No more procrastination. Write, damn it!