By request of certain faithful readers, I have attempted to synthesize my recent trip to South America, which I consider the trip of a lifetime. It’s been difficult to find an angle for this project. I don’t read travelogues, so why would I subject my readers to one of my own? Libraries of information about these locations are a click away, so there’s little point in attempting to educate through my surface level experiences. How then should I write? Why should I write? What should I write?

So—I did what I usually do when flummoxed by a writing assignment. I slammed the door on the editor and let my fingers go. Now I have an enormous rambling mess which I will present to you in a series of six posts.

1. First I will explain the trip in general and how I came to participate.     
2. Then I will describe the journey to Quito and the Equator.
3. The Galapagos Islands deserve a post of their own.
4. This segment will describe my interactions with the natives…in this case, street vendors.
5. Then I will attempt to share the impact of Machu Picchu.
6. Finally, I will try to put my finger on what the trip meant to me.

I hope I won’t bore you to tears. But, this is the web, after all, not assigned reading. You will stay only as long as you are engaged. If you get to the end…I admire your tenacity!