Moving is generally a royal pain in the ass. But sometimes its necessesary. I’ve been increasingly unhappy in my old location on Blogger. I like the look and usability of blogs I follow on WordPress, so here I am, checking the wiring, painting walls, sewing curtains, pulling weeds, and watering the garden. I suspect this will be an ongoing process. I hope my readers will find me and will speak up with suggestions and complaints about the new look.

After a week of exploring and fiddling, I’m still not happy, so please be patient while I continue to move the furniture here and there. I’m painstakingly going back through each of the posts that moved from the old site, resetting images so they show up properly and trying fix formatting problems. Alas, I find that there are many imbedded HTML commands that mess up font color, font size, and font spacing. It would take me a lifetime to fix each of these issues. Instead, I will continue to catagorize and reset images, but ignore the font problems. Hopefully all my new posts will be up to snuff.