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As part of my commitment to live life as fully and as in the moment as I am able, I filled the past six months with travel. While I’d love to see as much of the world as I can, I am also mindful of the cost of extravagant travel. The costs associated with, say_ a trip to South America are not only financial, but they are also resource and time consumptive.

To mitigate my little guilty pleasures, I milk as much as I can from each voyage, be it small or large, extravagant or mini-budgeted. I sometimes kick myself for not journaling as any self-respecting writer would. Instead I get carried away with my camera. I take oodles of photos, few of them measure up, but each of them slows me down, makes me look and take stock of the moment.

In my next few posts I’ll share some of my pictures and the impressions they evoke for me. Besides my big trip this spring, which I’ve already written about ad nauseum, perhaps the next most stunning experience was my moose sighting.

The Denisons had already regaled me with stories about the big bull moose that occasionally wandered through their property. But he could not be relied upon to show up. Ursula was already feeling ignored by him as he’d made several appearances when she was in town doing laundry, shopping, or some other mundane task. She and I set off on our own private little photo shoot. We acknowledged that Mr. Moose would undoubtedly show up to entertain Andrew in our absence.

Setting out early to capture the morning glow against the Colorado hillsides, we chattered like a couple of adolescent squirrels. Wandering about on dirt roads we stopped frequently to gaze through the viewfinder. Great minds think alike. We came home with many of the exact same images, many of hers more technically accurate than mine, I must confess.

Rather randomly we turned onto a dirt road that would eventually lead us to Woods Landing. Signs along the road posted a warning to hunters that moose are protected in this region. Really? Moose? Here? Could it be…??? Two pairs of eyebrows shot skyward in surprise. We drove for a few miles, hesitating at little clearings that looked promising. But we continued to believe that Andrew would be the only one to see a moose. Ursula began to speak, “This looks like….uuhhhh” Her comment petered out into our collective intake! Is it really? I tried to silently bring the car to a stop. It WAS!

Not just one moose, but two! A big boy and his bro? His son? First we began snapping like mad fools from the car. Then, being the maniac I am, I crept out of the car for a better look. Thank heavens for bad moose vision! We must have watched these two guys for 10 minutes. Then a big rig pulling a motor home went whizzing by and they darted for cover.

We spent the rest of the drive marveling at our luck and laughing at our own excitement. Ursula informed me that my mouth had been a black hole the entire time I shot video. I believe her. The following set of images were shot by Ursula.