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I am beginning to sound like a looped recording….or is that a loopy recording? I know I’ve mentioned before my utter amazement at having found such an amazingly diverse, articulate, and caring community of linguists, artists, and philosophers in the blogosphere. But the surprises keep on coming.

The most recent shock to my equilibrium was when Dinkerson from Flight of Reason presented me with the Versatile Blogger Award! In his thoughtful presentation, he describes me as having “kindness, patience, and strength of character.” Ha. I am, indeed, flattered….easily flattered? Yes! Groveling? Yes! You see, I’ve never considered myself to have any of those lovely traits.

  • Me, kind? Hard-nosed, I always thought.
  • Me, patient? About the only time I remember being patient was when the dentist sedated me with Nitrous Oxide, aka Laughing Gas, so he could keep me in his torture chair long enough to canal my root.
  • Me, with strength of character? I thought that was blind stubbornness.

So, despite my vow to disavow blogger awards, I must admit the attention is divine and the awards do provide an opportunity to share some of our favorite blog sites.

BUT, after the first few awards show up, the task of selecting new blog sites to honor begins to take on a Sisyphean aspect. This is a responsibility that I am hesitant to visit upon other writers who must squeeze writing time into busy lives filled with work and family. Therefore, I’m going to cheat. Rather than passing on the award with its attendant responsibilities, I’m simply going to list some of the blogs I most look forward to reading along with a few of my most recent discoveries.

Oh, but I’m also supposed to do a little show and tell routine, so here are seven fascinating facts that you were just dying not to know about me:

  1. There is nothing fascinating about me.
  2. My boyfriend’s grandson calls me “Tootsie.” This handle came of an excruciatingly embarrassing moment during my first Christmas meal with this family. I refuse to say more on the subject.
  3. It took 27 years for me to obtain a 4-year degree.
  4. When hiking, I am famous for examining dead carcasses with a semi-scientific enthusiasm.
  5. I have a love/hate relationship with technology.
  6. I never had a single date in high school.
  7. I made up for that later.

Now for the fun part. I have highlighted some of the following bloggers in previous posts, but it never hurts to hammer them again:

Priya at Partial View, lets me peer at a new world through her unique looking-glass.  Her prose and storytelling captivate me and whisk me off to places I have never been and will probably never physically experience. My horizon expands through her images and words. Her wisdom and thoughtfulness are breathtaking. Thank you, Priya, for sharing your world with me and for so kindly encouraging my efforts as well.

Charles at Mostly Bright Ideas is a master storyteller whose keen writing skills raise the bar for blogging excellence. He has gained so many followers during the past six months, that I am amazed and honored when he finds the time and energy to read and respond to my measly offerings. His recently released anthology of favorite posts, Who Knew? My Reluctant Journey to Blogging Addiction is a fine way to catch up on what he’s been up to.

Souldipper lives north of the border. Our cultures are similar, yet subtly different. Souldipper’s perspectives often emanate from a higher plane than my own mundane earth-tied mindset. I enjoy stretching the limits of my imagination to learn from her.

I could travel across town to visit the Snoring Dog Studio yet I choose the Wordpress portal. SDS is another talented artist who illustrates each of her posts with her amazing watercolor paintings. I love her for her acerbic wit, her vociferous defense of her admirable values, and for her ability to laugh at her own human foibles. Her readership has grown so large recently, that if I were facing all those comments on my blog, I’m afraid I’d just crawl in a hole and pull a rock over my head.

Dia also lives across town from me. Her Curious World of the Odd and Unmentionable provides endless opportunities for personal growth and understanding. In another culture, I am convinced Dia would be a Shaman.

David Francis Barker, Painter and Poet is a masterful storyteller whose painting and photography are as lyrical as his poetry. Reading his occasional forays into fiction are a fine way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Karen Chandler at Visioning has a keen eye for composition which she uses to share the beauty around her through digital photography and scrapbooking.