Remember how quickly summer passed when you were in the third grade? You thought it could never pass more quickly. Then along came the summer before ninth grade and worries over high school, the search for a job, the last slumber parties. The summer after graduating from high school simply evaporated in a flurry of preparations for college, job searches, plans for the future. Then life settled in around your haunches: a full-time job, or maybe several of them; a spouse, or maybe a series of them; innumerable kids and pets and bosses. Summers became scheduled madness, trying to balance work, family reunions, barbeques with friends, family vacations, and just plain old down-time for yourself.

Retirement ought’a be different, eh? I thought so. But I’m still finding that the days fly by, the season whispers in reluctantly, two steps forward, three steps back, then a giant leap toward the century mark. The longest day of the year has passed. The heat of the summer is yet to come and I will agonize through that until I wake up one morning and discover the leaves have lost their lustre. It goes so quickly, this season–this life.

I keep thinking I’ll have time to write. But then something comes up and I don’t. But I have taken a few snapshots to slow myself down. The viewfinder is always a good way to remind myself of all that I may miss if I don’t actively think about what’s right in front of my nose.

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Happy summer to you all. Catch it while you can.