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It has been my great honor to work with Robert Brownbridge to deliver his amazing tale of love, war, and the inanity of global politics to the public. Bob started this project many years ago and has plugged away at it off and on, in between the chaos of career and life. The book is as much a tribute to the soldiers of America’s forgotten war as it is the story of Bob’s own passage into manhood.

Freshly graduated from college, Bob reluctantly left academics, career plans, and girl-chasing in Spokane, Washington for the confusion and frustration of military service. Drafted to fight in the Korean War, Bob boarded The Dead Walker, as the recruits called the troop ship, knowing in his gut that he was inadequately trained and would never be able to take the life of another human being.

Bob was thrown into the adult world of life and death, fear and bravery, and the astonishing array of personality types that populate any micro-organism of humanity. His survival depended upon his ability to interpret and understand the motivations of his comrades. Like so many war veterans, it is obvious that Bob has agonized over the continuation of his own life juxtaposed against the loss of so many other brave and innocent young men. As Lt. Col. Mike Thomas, veteran of US Army Operation Enduring Freedom says: ” It is not enough to just survive a war; one must continue to love and be loved so that one can walk back into life when the war is over.”

I’m not normally drawn to read war memoirs. However, working with Bob on this book, has been an interesting and exciting learning experience. His writing is evocative, direct, and sensitive, making the story a compelling read for anyone. I now understand a lot more about the Korean War, a subject my history classes skimmed over. And, as Colonel Thomas says, the story is “as relevant today as it was 60 years ago.

Robert Brownbridge – Author

I am so proud of Bob’s accomplishment in completing the manuscript and following through the agony of publication. And I feel humbly blessed that he selected little ol’ me to help him through that last trimester. Thank you, Bob!