On the edge of the wilderness, beside a gorgeous mountain lake, and surrounded by tree-covered mountains, McCall is one of several recreational gateways for residents of the larger urban area of Boise, Idaho. It is remarkable that with a mere 40 minute drive from town, adventure seekers battle world-class white-water on the Payette River, the outlet of Mccall’s Payette Lake.

A two-hour drive brings you to McCall itself. My favorite time of the year to enjoy McCall is October, the swing season between the hubbub of summer tourist season and before the hubbub of winter ski and snowmobile season. During the fall, McCall shrinks back towards its historic quiet, timber town demeanor. Motel and condo vacancies are abundant, restaurants wait hopefully for hungry customers to serve, and wildlife moves closer to the relative safety of town as hunters fan out through the mountains in a last minute frenzy before the snow shuts them out.

I love to spend a week watching the aspen and cottonwood leaves dance their brightly costumed last hurrah. Deer and foxes wander by and cold morning air slowly warms under a brilliant blue canopy. A book and a camera provide all my entertainment.

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