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The colors, the Saturday Farmer’s Market, and my eagerness to play with my new phone lured me out today. The iPhone is everything the old Droid was not and my friends will be relieved to be shut of my Droid-growling.

I started by looking out my front window ( I confess, this was the day I got the new phone:

Then a few friendly neighborhood shots:

On the way to the market I gawked at the new construction in (er) full swing:

At the market, I got so carried away buying fresh produce and meat that I forgot to take pictures! But these entertainers caught my eye. The music was great but I especially enjoyed the pooch who was soaking up a lot of attention:

My favorite sculpture:

On the way home I stopped to watch fishermen angling for Steelhead. Fish & Game recently released a load of entertainment for these guys. I saw a pair of fella’s packing out some fine two-foot long fish. But, I didn’t get the bike stopped quickly enough to immortalize them.

The River is dressed in her finery.

As I peddled through campus, I could feel the thrum of Bronco fever revving up for the Boise State Broncos football came against San Diego State…a mere 8 hours hence.

I’d say this goes beyond tailgating. What do we call this? Sidegating?

After I got home and put away the groceries, I tackled the gutters.

By now, the tailgating oughta be in full swing. I might go check it out.

So tell me dear friends and visitors, did I get carried away and dump too many lame images into this post?