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Esteemed blogger and author, Priya, at Weathermewell, recently published a lovely book, Crossing Streams, filled with personal reflections about emotions. crossingstreams.Her ponderings are grouped into the following eleven categories:

Happiness, Anger, Love, Grief, Hate, Hope, Fear, Wonder, Sadness, Contentment, Selfishness

In celebration of Priya’s accomplishment, I decided to design a writing prompt from the chapters of her book. And in celebration this auspicious month, I limited my word count to one per day of the month, hence 31. Here is my feeble attempt:

I wonder about your words of anger, hate and fear. Did you hope to destroy my love? Did your selfishness trump my grief? Did my sadness bring you happiness and contentment?

I welcome participation from you, my readers. Would you like to play along? Feel free to add your own 31-word short in a comment to this post. Don’t forget to mention each of Priya’s 11 emotions in your short. Let’s have some fun this month.