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At last, the book is born! Available now at Amazon.


There is no stopping a woman who has entered into the mystery. Sandra  lived her life without much thought, even denied intimate questions, surrounding her father’s suicide until she began to write this memoir. In researching his life and death, she encountered a tome of revelations and shocking truths that lead her deeper into the abyss, only to propel her to the surface with new-found understanding. Bit by painful bit, Sandra pieced loose ends together, solving the mysteries of so long ago and integrating the past into the present. This book unveils a young girl’s hopes and fears and a father’s broken dreams.

Tooting my own horn a wee bit, I experienced the thrill of helping Sandra to birth this book, to share a story within a story, about events that happened long before she was born. Her publishing team has climbed many thorny mountains together to bring this amazing book into the world. We hope you will enjoy it.