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When I moved my blog over to WordPress two years ago, I took in the über professional looking work featured in Freshly Pressed and, underachiever that I am, figured I’d never find myself in those hallowed halls. Surprise!!! My recent post about Hummingbirds was just posted on Freshly Pressed!freshly-pressed-rectangleOn Friday, just as I was leaving town for parts of this state with huge holes in connectivity, I received the sweetest email from WordPress editor, Krista, congratulating me for my success and warning me to get ready. Silly me, I thought there must be some mistake because I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled through Freshly Pressed and, though I saw some of my favorite bloggers, like  Scriptor Obscura and Charles’ Mostly Bright Ideas (who has probably been selected a dozen times already),  I didn’t see my own poor little runt.

But today, I’m there! Now I’ve got my work cut out for me, welcoming new visitors and basking in my moment and a half of fame. Whoopee! Here I am: http://discover.wordpress.com/