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Today is garbage monster day. Everyone in my neighborhood puts their garbage cans out in the alley for the garbage monsters to access. (Well, actually just about everyone but anal me leaves their trash can in the alley all freakin’ week long, but that’s another story.) Back to this story, I was pedaling my bike up the alley on the way to the garage this morning and there was this little scrap of paper. It looked too innocent to be the normal crap that escapes the trash bin to flutter into the weeds with all the other escaped bits and particles of people’s lives.

Sucker that I am, I stopped to investigate. Flipping it over, it appeared to be an old fashioned recipe card, torn neatly in half, with the most lovely blue script. IMG_1327Was this providential? Was it a message to me from my neighbors? What does it mean that I found this little gem behind my house?

How about it? Do you consider an “active citizen” to be the same as a “good citizen?”  Why or why not? I find it a fascinating question.


As a postscript, one of my dear readers lead me to this article in the Des Moines Register. The community of Fairfield, Iowa defines and demonstrates a refreshing new way of thinking about and running their local government.