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hilaryArchive of ‘closest friend’ paints portrait of ‘ruthless’ first lady

I fail to see what, in the blooming garden of the devil, the above headline from Alana Goodman and published by Fox News, The Washington Free Beacon, and a host of other news media, has to do with anything at all.

This article mimics similar reports that have ricocheted through the media since February 9th. Someone has mined a treasure chest of previously private memos and correspondence shared between Hillary and her best friend, and dating back to before her husband’s entry into the White House some thirty years ago.

Random quotes have been published that, according to Ms. Goodman, “shed new light on Clinton’s three decades in public life. The records paint a complex portrait of Hillary Clinton, revealing her to be a loyal friend, devoted mother, and a cutthroat strategist who relished revenge against her adversaries and complained in private that nobody in the White House was ‘tough and mean enough.’”

  • Hillary is a complex person. This is news?
  • Hillary is a loyal friend and devoted mother. This is shocking news?
  • Hillary is a cutthroat strategist. Isn’t that what we expect of politicians? Don’t we expect them to lead us, strategically through all sorts of complex, unexpected, and never yet encountered crises?
  • Hillary relishes revenge? She certainly isn’t alone in this failing, as we see over and over in the political theater.
  • Hillary is tough and mean? Is there any other way to survive the mud baths, personal attacks, vicious rumors, and sensationalized reporting that now goes hand in hand with any political campaign? If Hillary had balls, she’d be a leader. But instead she has breasts, so she’s a bitch. Pardon me.


p>What Hillary may have confided to her closest confidante while she endured intense personal and marital pain under the spotlight of 24/7 national media attention has absolutely nothing to do with her qualifications or her ability to get the job done, whatever job she embarks upon. Whatever sophomoric pranks her husband has pulled in his life, have absolutely no bearing on his wife’s ability to do her job.

Does this rash of yellow headlines indicate that our nation must endure, yet again, the utter humiliation and stupification of the Monica Lewinski affair? Who the fuck cares where the former President’s peter has been?

We should be caring about how our current and future leaders will anticipate market upheavals, world political entanglements, national health pandemics, and a contrary Congress that has become so constipated it no longer functions.

The world doesn’t care about Monica. Nor should we. I don’t even know if I would support Hillary for President. What I do know is that what’s masquerading as headline news is nothing but yellow journalism.