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For years I’ve complained that my side of town suffers from a lack of interesting eateries, which is odd, considering it’s proximity to Boise State University campus and an affluent bloom of residential subdivisions to the east. Things are starting to look up. I reported earlier about the new Korean BBQ joint just blocks from my home.

In a strip mall just up the road, is a small, catering and take-out site. Tapia’s menu tends toward the upscale American palate, with excellent pastas, deserts, and vegetarian offerings, but nothing too challenging. Woefully, I believe they are slated to move downtown in the near future.

An established but mundane Chinese restaurant toughs it out just up the strip from Tapias. A few doors south is a fairly new, reasonably priced Hawaiian joint with huge portions of meat and other waist-enhancing dishes that are sadly short on flavor. Just across the street is the newly relocated Vietnamese Restaurant, Dong Khahn, an old friend of mine. Of course, there are tons of fast food Mexican and burger joints scattered around and even a Mexican food truck that puts out inexpensive gut bombs a block north of the Korean spot. There’s even a new tits bar, where you won’t find me spending money or time.

My newest discovery has wedged itself into the strip mall right next door to the old Chinese joint. Mount Everest Momo Café bills itself as: a taste of the country’s rich culinary heritage with a delicious variety of recipes, painstakingly gathered from the royal kitchens of Nepal, to the sea swept shores of South India. These recipes offer a truly delightful Nepali Indian experience. I’m no judge of authenticity because, I’ve never been to India or to Nepal, although I would love to do that some day.IMG_2223Since discovering the Everest, I’ve been munching my way through their menu. If it was the only item on the menu, I’d still return for the Chicken Chau Chau: Tibetan style noodles, pan fried with chicken and vegetables for $9.95. This dish is Nirvana. The chicken was fork-tender and the potatoes and vegetables were miraculously al dente rather than over-stewed. The accompanying rice soaked up the thinnish but tasty sauce. I asked for four out five stars worth of heat. I might ask for five stars next time.

I was recovering from the dreaded 2014 winter cold and seeking comfort when I ordered the the Lamb Thukpa: A large bowl of Tibetian style noodles, lamb and vegetables in a savory broth for $11.95  OMG. Delish! Again, fork-tender bites of lamb mixed with carrots, peas, cauliflower, and broccoli danced between ropey egg noodles, cooked to al dente perfection; all simmered in a robust broth, accented by those beloved Indian spices: cardamom, cilantro, cumin, red pepper and who knows what other bits of magic.

Chicken Korma

The cafe’s most popular dish is Chicken Korma, comprised of boneless chicken swimming in a thick cream sauce with hints of coconut, cashews, and assorted mystery spices and served with rice for $11.95. All of these meals are generous enough to satisfy two normal appetites. Especially with the addition of an order of naan. The Keema Naan, stuffed with ground lamb for $3.50, is my favorite. Leftovers make a delightful breakfast. Yes, why not start the day with some delicious protein? Mt. Everest Momo is all about quality ingredients, cooked to perfection, simply served. You’ll see no architecturally structured plates trotting out of the kitchen.IMG_2224What this restaurant lacks in ambiance it makes up for in the richness of the cuisine and the warmth of owner, Raj Shrestha. Twelve years ago, Raj was a travel agent living in his home country of Nepal. He came to the states, landing in Boise, of all places, where he worked for Micron. Raj hopes, once the restaurant is established, to start his own signature travel agency, specializing in planning and escorting American visitors to Nepal.

Raj Shrestha

I hope this location works out for Raj’s Momo because I dearly love the food! And wow, all of a sudden, Boise’s east end burgeoning with interesting food options.

Mount Everest Momo Cafe       Hours
2144 S Broadway Av                   Mon-Sat: 11:00-2:30
Boise  ID 83706                                         5:00-9:00
208 342-1268
208 340-0250

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