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Fellow blogger Jeremy, over at Perception, is my inspiration for this post. I have difficulty aiming my camera at people. Maybe it’s my mother’s ancient exhortations about never aiming a gun at a person unless you mean to kill him. My little mind berates me for stealing something from people when I point the lens at them. Jeremy also fights the fear of engaging with strangers. But every day he goes out there and works at honing his craft.

The arrival of a new camera today coincided with the first official day of summer and gay pride day, among many other festivities, so off I went to see how my new buddy, Niki and I are going to get along. DSC_0010DSC_0033DSC_0051 DSC_0030DSC_0068 DSC_0061DSC_0005I have a ways to go before I’m in Jeremy’s league, but I’m real proud of these. I still have to find where Niki hides all her bells and whistles, but I think we’re off to a splendid start. Thanks for the inspiration Jeremy! Happy solstice everyone.