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Although we’ve lost some magnificent talent recently, Philip Seymour Hoffman, to name just one, the death of inveterate funny man, Robin Williams, struck the collective gut the world over.

Image from:http://bloviatingzeppelin.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Robin-Williams-Danger.jpg

Image: bloviatingzeppelin.net

William’s premature demise is heartbreaking not simply because the world is smaller and sadder without his meteoric talents as actor and comedian, it is heartbreaking because it is evidence of the intense and unbearable pain this man suffered while he made the rest of the world laugh, sigh, and gasp with pleasure and awe.

And his pain was not his pain alone. You can bet that his family and close friends endured and continue to endure the horrendous suffering of helplessly watching the man they love and admire, as his demons spun out of control over and over again, reaching from below to snag him out of the limelight and drag him down into the cesspool of depression.

Oh how our hearts hurt for you Robin. If only we could reach out and support you Susan Schneider and family. Peace be with you. Keep breathing.