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Where would the American economy be without fundraisers? Everywhere we turn these days, someone is inviting, cajoling, or shaming us to contribute and participate to some heartrending cause. The recent storm of self-dunkings for ALS is a case in point. I suspect those fundraisers that make us forget we are raising funds are the most effective. Case in point, the See Spot Walk event put on each October by the Idaho Humane Society.

Participants contribute by paying entry fees to walk with their dog(s) for a one-mile loop around the Julia Davis Park. In return participants get a scarf for the pooch and a t-shirt for themselves. Some go the extra mile by obtaining pledges from friends, family, and whomever they can wheedle a little extra dough out of. Prizes are awarded to the top individual and team pledge collectors.

As if 3,000 humans plus their over stimulated canine friends marching down the street weren’t enough, that is followed by crazy-fun contests afterwards: The dressed to the k-nines costume contest underpins the event; the peanut butter spoon contest challenges dog+human teams to clean a teaspoon; happy tails judges best tail-waggers; best vocal duo provides a cultural note, and most unusual Heinz 57 celebrates diversity. Would-be participants not already owned by a dog are happily provided with a shelter pup—a secondary goal of the event is finding forever homes for as many dogs as possible.

In it’s 22nd year See Spot Walk exceeded it’s financial goal of $100,000. Way to go dog lovers!DSC_0703

Does this tutu make my butt look big?


Would ya give it rest, and get out of my ass for once?


Would you come play with me? Please?


Oh dear, I think I stepped in something. . .


Get a load of that ass over there!


Oh no! Did you hear what that brute said?


Eh, what chew lookin’ at?


I wanna go home. Too many big feet and big asses around here.


Some of us never get a day off,


If you can’t get your spouse to wear twinsies, there’s always the dog.


You say, whaaat? I’m not quite sure about you, stay away from my sister.


It wouldn’t be Boise without Boise State Bronco colors.

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It wouldn't be a party without vendors and food trucks.

It wouldn’t be a party without vendors and food trucks.