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Today I tip my hat to the perseverance of Arindam Mohapatra over at Being Arindam.

His first full length novel, Two Hearts many parts has been released on Amazon in the States and on Flipkart.com, Infibeam.com and Crossword.com in India. This publication is a monumental achievement for a young man whose day job (well, sometimes I think it’s a night job) in the tech industry drains him of time, energy, and soul. Somehow he has stretched his waking hours to craft a novel about love, life, and the pursuit of meaning in India in the twenty-first century.

That he has crafted a story, complete with breathing characters, social commentary, and an eye for the details that bring India to life, is an even greater achievement when put into the context of having written it in his second language. I am in particular awe of any writer who can row against the current of their native tongue.

Congratulations Arindam, Happy New Year, and Soaring Sales!