My friend Lisa from Zeebra Designs & Destinations, world traveler that she is, has information directly from the yak’s mouth about what’s going on in Nepal. I’m honored to reblog her post.

Zeebra Designs & Destinations

mick phoca_thumb_l_Tsum-Web-Page-6 Photo from Wilderness Trekking/Mick Bromley

My friend Mick Bromley of Wilderness Trekking specializes in treks to the Himalayas, and he often talks lovingly of Nepal.   I enjoy receiving his newsletter, The Dirty Sock, which is like having a visit with him in person. This past Sunday I was relieved to see a special edition titled: Nepal Earthquake Message.    I was glad to know that Mick was ok,  but he confirmed what many readers feared, “The epicenter of the earthquake appears to have been very close to the Tsum and Manaslu regions, where we have been trekking extensively over the past 5 years.”With his permission, here is that newsletter and a second update which arrived yesterday.

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