I will be gone for a good portion of the summer. I could try to blog from the road, but I’m just not good at that. First of all, I prefer to be in-the-moment, which is hard to do if you’ve got your nose in your electronic media. Secondly, I rarely have immediate reactions to my adventures. Instead, I absorb them as I go and then have to spend a few weeks unpacking them, sorting the dirty laundry from the golden gems and making sense of it all.

In anticipation of my absence I have scheduled a few measly trifles to keep you, my beloved readers, on the hook. But I know I will not be good at responding to comments or posting comments on your lovely blogs. Please excuse my poor manners and know that I will settle back down into a more reciprocal routine eventually.

Thanks for six years (wow it’s really been that long!) of wonderful, stimulating content, conversation, and support. I do love my blogging community.DSC_1073