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Illustration by Patrick Davis

Illustration by Patrick Davis


I don’t want to find poop or evidence of it on my lawn. Nor do I relish finding it in our public spaces.

On a recent walk to Stack Rock, one of Boise’s crown jewel hikes on the beloved Ridges to Rivers trail system, this is what I found, not even one foot off the side of the trail!poop collageCome on folks! If you’re on the Ridges to River trails, you must be there because you enjoy the outdoors. So why spoil it for the rest of us?

If you walk on public trails you MUST bring water, a snack, and a trowel. Obviously, people seem to always have plenty of paper with them, so that’s not an issue. If you carry paper, you MUST also carry a trowel!

Proper procedure for trail emergency trail side pooping (and peeing if you insist on wiping your ass):

  1. Step at least 200 feet off the trail and away from any water sources
  2. Using your trowel, dig a cat hole 6 – 8 inches deep
  3. Do your thing, wipe, make sure everything landed in the hole.
  4. Cover the hole with dirt. Find a rock to place over the hole to deter rodents from mining your paper for their nests. Ughhh.

For more on pooping in the woods, I recommend this excellent post on HOWtoWilderness.com