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This week a 21-year old Boise man was shot to death at the site of the Boise Historic Train Depot. If the Idaho Statesman is correct, the alleged shooter has a criminal record that includes carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, purchasing alcohol as a minor and possessing drugs with intent to use.

In this case, gun-rights advocates are correct in their argument about the failure of current gun laws. Stricter gun laws would not have prevented this senseless murder. The alleged killer was obviously packing heat illegally.

  • How did he obtain his weapon?
  • Where was this weapon before it landed in his hands?
  • Who was responsible for this weapon before it landed in the shooter’s hands?

It is possible that the murder weapon was stolen, in which case, someone needs tighter security for their weapons. If someone gave or sold the weapon to the alleged shooter, then I assert that this person share the guilt of the shooter. Oh . . . I guess that might mean additional gun-related legislation?

Whatever the case, this event clearly demonstrates why it is imperative that current gun laws are examined for their efficacy. Law enforcement and the court system absolutely must enforce and tighten the laws that are already on the books.

In the weeks and months to come, as this case proceeds through the court system, I hope to learn exactly what gun laws were broken before the murder occurred and I hope to learn that the people who broke those laws answer to the justice system equally with the shooter.