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Like half of my country, I’m still reeling from the outcome of Election 2016. My worst fears have come true and I’m eating my proclamation from many months back that Trump was the Democrats’ wet dream. Turns out he managed to fuck the entire Democratic party and half of the voting public.

But, the other half of the voting public got their wish. They bought the bravado, the piss-on-you attitude, the unbelievable ignorance about issues and diplomacy, the errant-emails-are-worse-than-my-bankruptcies assumption, the protectionism, and the pry-my-AR15-out-of-my-dead-fingers promise, the lower-my-taxes AND Make-America-Great-Again nonsense, and they are as happy about this result as the rest of us were happy eight years ago, and again four years ago when we got our most beloved president.

Well what to do now? I spent November 9th moping around, sucker-punched, and on the verge of tears. I’ve divorced myself from the news with its proliferation of idiot pundits trying to explain how they got it wrong rather than real reporters digging into the facts behind the headlines. In the weeks before the election I practiced scrolling past the fuming flames of hatred, lies, and lunacy on social media. For my own sanity, I’m trying to keep that up.

But I can’t avoid the awful presence of the #NotMyPresident crowd. Oh this will take a lot of work, I admit it. I still can’t say the two words together, President T . . ., my vocal chords trip over the huge hairball in my throat. The vision of the man and his herd of current and erstwhile relations traipsing through our White House and making it theirs, curdles my stomach.

But the man is our President Elect. He will be, in two months, our President. It hurts. It hurts like hell. But I hated and looked down upon the knee-jerk, instant resistance to President Barack Obama and everything he tried to accomplish. There existed, for the past eight years, a contingent who, if their President said the door was white, would have insisted the door was purple. This behavior didn’t look good on them and it doesn’t look good on us. It did not serve our country. Who would I be if I were to behave in the same backward way as those who resisted President Obama?

If President Barack Obama, the recipient of such horrendous name-calling, cartooning, and defamation, can demonstrate grace in loss, extend a welcoming hand, and facilitate the safe and efficient transfer of power from his capable hands to those of his replacement, then surely I can strive for a measure of his dignity.

Yes, the President Elect said awful things during his campaign. But let’s face it. They all do; it’s the game we’ve forced them to play. He said stupid and hateful things and the skeletons in his closet are filled with misogynism, racism, class privilege, plunder, lies, and theft. But he is not the first person with those traits to sit in that hallowed house. He is perhaps the first person for whom we have a written or audio record of the vile things he’s said. We have four years to keep our eyeballs on him, to stand in his way when he steps out of line, to outsmart and out think him when he begins to rape and plunder. Today’s technology blows the cover off elected officials, as we have learned from Hillary’s failure.

We cannot deny that he won the election. If we are unhappy with the system, we must work from within the system to change it! The Electoral College has been in the crosshairs for years. What are we waiting for? And as Bernie says, the Democratic Party needs a major overhaul. Protesting the President Elect is a waste of energy. It is time for all of us to listen more and shout less. It is time to move on.