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All that happy international peace and prosperity bugled from the New York World’s Fair was a sham. Hidden behind the curtain of global camaraderie, Hitler and his merry pranksters were fully committed to world dominance. The budget issues that prevented Germany from participating in the World’s Fair were real and devastating to Germany’s neighbors. Peace was not the objective for a Nazi regime which glorified war and blamed all German social ills upon the conniving Jews, or power-hungry Brits and French. The very pacifism promoted by western powers leading up to and during the World’s Fair, served Hitler well by allowing him to roll over, either by tanks or cunning manipulation, parts of Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia. He had aligned himself with Spain and Italy, whose rulers he easily outmaneuvered. It even appeared that the diametrically opposed regimes of Nazi and Communist would join forces with the signing of the Nazi-Soviet Pact. Less than six months after the New York World’s Fair opened, the second European war had commenced when Great Britain and France declared war on Germany.

America still kept her head down, though. This was a European war, far away, concerning borders and philosophies that meant little to the average American on the street. The gory realities of WWI were still fresh. There was no reason to send America’s boys into another hell.

However, with Great Britain and Germany at war with each other, the Paul family was once again torn asunder. Britain, barely recovered from the last war, was again plunged into disaster. By 1940, Germany had unleashed the Blitzkrieg on prominent British cities. School children were evacuated from high target cities. Thousands of civilians died and air raids destroyed the thousands of homes. Food rationing was in effect. It was hard times for Norah’s family, still living in Britain.

Worse, there was a total blackout of communications from Herman’s family in Germany. The letter trail dries up between 1939 and late 1945. Brilliantly, sadistically, Hitler profited from his imprisoned labor force of Jews and displaced Poles and Czechs. By 1940, Hitler had gobbled up France. Britain was alone in its war against the Herrenvolk, the master race. The Blitzkrieg on England reached a frenzy in 1941, but the British Royal Air Force fought bravely and utilized important technological advances. Relenting on the eastern front, Hitler turned his attention backwards and with vicious disregard for the previously signed pact, he turned on his reluctant ally, the Soviet Union. But all hell broke loose when, on December 7, 1941, Japan, trying to finagle its own turf in the Pacific, turned on the United States in the fateful bombing of Pearl Harbor, propelling the US pall mall into the war.