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In the wake of yet another mass murder in America, I’m jumping into the roiling waters to ask why we continue to wring our hands over gun control. Well, actually, I have a pretty good idea why. Much of the credit for that can be summed up in three letters. But when will we hold our legislators accountable for reasonable legislation?

Let’s deconstruct one of the cute little memes that pepper social media.

Yes, if a madman wants to kill innocent people, he or she will find a way. Unless we make it too damned hard. And we can sure as heck reduce the number of people that fall victim.

Killers don’t need guns to kill people. Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer. And after Timothy McVeigh ambushed the Federal Building where 168 people were killed, the Federal Government got busy preventing the recurrence of such an event by reconfiguring access to all federal buildings and no such event has occurred in the 22 years since McVeigh’s mess.

9-11 terrorists used box cutters and planes. And have you tried to board a plane lately? Good luck getting fingernail clippers on board, much less box cutters, sabers, or kitchen knives.

The Nazis used cyanide gas. And our government, terrorists, or Korea could spike our water supply, release toxins like sarin gas, or simply hit that infamous red button, thereby destroying our entire planet. But that is why we regulate access to things like water and power systems. And that is why we fight to have a free press that can and will blow the lid off activities that could lead to such tragedies.

Taking guns from innocent people will not protect innocent people. No one, may I repeat that? No one is proposing or advocating taking guns from innocent people. Guns are tools, like cars, like stoves, like Sudafed. Guns also have a huge potential to do harm, as do cars, alcohol, Sudafed. We regulate cars and where and how cars may be used. We regulate who can buy alcohol. We even regulate who can buy Sudafed. This does not mean people aren’t allowed to use cars, alcohol, Sudafed. It simply means that to use these potentially hazardous materials, people must meet certain requirements.

The problem is not guns. Its a Godless Society. Oh this one really takes the cake. It is true, the problem is not guns. The problem is the people using the guns and the reasons they use guns and the types of guns they use, which is precisely why it is so important to regulate who buys guns and what kinds of guns they buy.

And if a Godless Society is the problem, maybe I should build myself an arsenal for the day when the Army of God comes calling for my Godless self. If you respect God, surely you believe he gave us brains so that we could think and make reasoned choices about how to keep each other safe.