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Roughly half of America wallows in the throes of depression and deep-seated fear of impending disaster, while forty percent of Americans rejoice that America is great again—in other words, the swamp drained; all evidence of a bleeding-heart, Muslim divined, Obama administration thrown out the window; and tell-it-as-it-is speeches that any working-class bloke can understand. About ten percent muddle through their daily lives wondering what all the fuss is about.

Is the fear founded? What is the impending disaster? Are we simply petulant, poor losers? What is the swamp, and what is it being replaced with? And is the language of the Alt-right, as the President’s base has come to be known, truly understandable?

Fear: I can’t speak for half the population of America. But I can explain my own apprehension and dismay. I fear the ultimate unleashing of a global nuclear disaster that has been held at bay with painstaking diplomacy for 70 years. This fear is based upon the notion that one man, strung out on Mountain Dew, in a fit of personal rage, could unleash a nuclear holocaust in the middle of the night with the mere flip of a switch. The man in question has repeatedly proven his inability to temper his highly emotional outrage and personal sensitivity to criticism. His immaturity and hot temper is matched by a few other national leaders around the world with whom he loves to engage in pointless bickering and name calling. This alone is a recipe for disaster and a hell of a reason for angst.

The Swamp: Our leader is very successfully draining his idea of the swamp, which encompasses pretty much any position with the term Federal or U.S. in it. But he appears to be replacing the swamp with Swiss cheese and quicksand.

  • Federal Judiciary: Of 890 potential positions, 150 are vacant 10 months after POTUS took office. Of 677 District Court positions, 121 are vacant. (The District Court is the general trial court for civil and criminal cases across the country.)
  • By July of this year there were still 121 cabinet and cabinet-level vacancies.
  • As of July 15, key ambassadorships have yet to be filled.
  • The cabinet positions which have been filled, are studded with foxes in the henhouse:

o   Attorney General Jeff Sessions signed an order adopting civil asset forfeiture, which allows law enforcement to seize the property of those suspected but not charged with crimes, on the federal level.
o   Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke is hellbent on reducing protections for public lands.
o   Secretary of Housing Ben Carson may know his way around a brain, but can’t seem to wrap his head around the facts and figures of housing vouchers.
o   Secretary of EPA Scott Pruitt, acclaimed climate change denier, has defended the fossil fuel industry from EPA rulings in the past and will in the future.

The Language: Any seventh-grade debate student using the syntax and reasoning that emanates from the mouth and fingers of POTUS would fail. Generalized labels like crooked and stupid may appeal to a very low base, but for anyone hoping to understand policy, they are useless, as are the plethora of adjectives and adverbs that would most definitely, surely, very much sink a junior high-level essay. (Of course, by now, we recognize that the only policy in place is that of destruction) Calling world leaders names is foolish and dangerous. Denying what live-feed video has recorded only proves dishonesty and demonstrates that nothing said is true. The inability to apologize for careless or misguided words launched at grieving widows and parents proves the man’s dishonor. Yes. Words matter. And lies, layered upon lies, when they are heard as truth, become the vehicle that  elevates a mere narcissist to dictatorship   o dictatorship. Yes, I’m scared and disheartened.