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Continued from Chores:

Yry was beginning to feel like she knew what she was doing. She’d been at the CX for three weeks when a young friend of Claire’s arrived from back east for a visit. This woman was even greener than Yry and a good deal less adventuresome. Claire assumed that both young women would share much in common and she assigned Yry to show Mrs. Greer the ropes. Perhaps had Claire been more aware of Yry’s rebellious tomboy streak, she’d have thought twice about this arrangement.

 Yry delighted in repeating the pranks that had been pulled on her and then watching Mrs.Greer’s stricken reactions. When it came to horseback riding Mrs. Greer was an easy target. The sight of her pale face as they raced up and down the hills surrounding the ranch encouraged Yry’s devilment. Mrs. Greer had absolutely no sense of direction. She was convinced they’d get lost in the vast landscape and endless blue sky that made her feel like a bubble in the Atlantic Ocean. Repeatedly Mrs. Greer inquired if Yry was sure she knew the way back home. Undoubtedly she had visions of beady-eyed wolves circling with their tongues drooling. Yry relished the illusion that she was master of her universe and knew every gully and hill in the county. She never let on that the ace up her skeeve was the knowledge that horses always know the way back to the grain buckets.

At the close of Mrs. Greer’s two-week stay Yry offered to drive her into town to catch the bus. This was her third week of driving. It would be her first time out on paved roads and she was quite excited by the idea of it. Predictably, Mrs. Greer was late getting ready so Yry took it upon herself to make up time on the road. They bounced down the road over Mrs. Greer’s protests that she could delay her departure by one day. But oh no, Yry was having the time of her life as she sped toward town. Of course, she nearly had a heart attack when another vehicle came into view headed towards them on the narrow road. This was something she’d not yet encountered on the deserted ranch roads. With her heart in her throat she slowed down enough for them to pass safely. Then she speeded ever more confidently down the road with Mrs. Greer three shades paler but unaware of Yry’s moments of doubt. Fortunately this was several decades short of radar equipped patrol cars. At the station ashen faced Mrs. Greer stumbled out of the car on weak knees, her breath coming in short gasps. She was on the verge of hyper-ventilating. Yry grinned in anticipation of her glorious solo drive back to the ranch. Several weeks later, after Mrs. Greer had filled Claire in on her memorable trip to town, Claire knocked Yry down a peg or two by threatening to send her back to New York if there were any more such shenanigans.

Mrs. Greer, you should NOT trust that woman!