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On the first day of each new year Janie and Lori open the doors of Meadowlark Farm to friends and clients. An eclectic gathering of people from a wide range of professions and interests is a fabulous way to kick off the first entry on a fresh calendar. Besides interesting conversation, guests contribute delectable potluck dishes created from local ingredients. The highlight of the day is a trip to the barn to inspect the most recent additions to the lamb crop.

Janie Burns was an early vendor at the Capital City Market and, through the years, has contributed immensely to the growth of the local food movement in Boise. She is always looking around the corner for better ways to connect people with good, healthy, food choices. A founding board member of the Boise Farmer’s Market, one of her recent accomplishments is the establishment of a mobile market during the summer months. The mobile market brings fresh produce and eggs to neighborhoods threatened by food deserts, and with the city contributing financial incentives, makes locally grown foods available and affordable for low-income families.

Janie and lamb

With her barn invaded by a herd of two-leggeds, Mama ewe is understandably concerned about what Janie’s doing with her baby.

There’s one clown in every family.

For more about Janie, Oliver Russell—a Public Benefits Corporation—has a fantastic, if a bit dated, interview with her.

I got home in time to watch the first full moon of 2018 creep up over the mountains to bathe the Treasure Valley in Super Moon Glow.