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As many of you know, My Life With an Enigma has been an ongoing project for over two decades. I’ve dithered and I’ve dallied. I outlived a fine writers’ group who all published and moved on to other things while I hemmed and hawed. You, my faithful readers, replaced the writer’s group. I must say most of you have been too kind-hearted to offer much criticism. But your kindness and encouragement were the wind under my wings.

It is remarkable how a few kind words and claims of interest can be as effective at keeping up a writer’s spirit as a trail of M&Ms can lead a lost child out of the woods. For those gems, I thank each one of you who has stuck by me for so long.

At long last, the manuscript has been packaged and sent to my esteemed editor. He sagely advised that perhaps I should shift the focus of my blog posts from chapters to essays about the writing process. Ugh. Really? I’m not sure I’m up to that.

I realize I need to reexamine the focus of this higgelty-piggelty blog. I no longer have Yry to spur me on. While I regroup, I’ll throw this out to you. Against my own better judgement, I’m considering designing my own cover. All the experts warn against doing this, saying it is akin to being your own editor. This is especially dangerous given my total lack of artistic insight. But here are two versions of the cover I’m considering. They are essentially the same, but for the typography.

I welcome your opinions and critiques. Do you like one better than the other? Would this book jacket compel you to pick the book out of a shelf of other beautiful covers? Do you have thoughts or suggestions about this as a cover for what you’ve read about the Enigma so far?

Enigma Cover 2

Cover A

Enigma Cover B_1

Cover B

Thank you for your magnificent support through the years.