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November 20 would have been Yry’s birthday. She would have been 106 years old. My plan was to release her book,  My Life With an Enigma, to the world for her birthday. Things don’t always go according to plan. The release was delayed by one day.  It is now live! It is available on Amazon in both Kindle e-book and paperback. It will also soon be available at Barnes & Noble. Next nut to crack is Indie Book stores.


I hope Yry would be happy with this book about her life and my attempt to tell her story. I suppose she would shudder at some parts of it. And with good reason. Who wouldn’t shudder at parts of their life that they kept under lock and key? No one wants their dirty laundry exposed to the world. But she raise me to be honest, to be tough, and to not cave in to the expectations or judgement of others. Be true to thyself.

Happy Birthday, Yry!

(PS: you can help both Yry and me by leaving a review at Amazon.com  )