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It has come to my attention that the wonderful new Kindle Direct Publishing platform is not the reliable print-on-demand (POD) supplier that its predecessor, CreateSpace, was.

I’ve had feedback from two readers that the books they ordered are flawed. Seriously flawed. And I saw a questionable print job on a book that was brought to me for an autograph. That’s three. My stomach is in knots wondering how many other faithful readers purchased a book that is a piece of rubbish. I’m not talking about the typos that appeared in the early copies. Those are on me. I’m talking about the print/binding issues.

The first that caught my eye was printed too high on the page, so the top header was almost clipped at the top of the page and the bottom of the page was swimming in blank space. This is not how my proofs looked. This is not how my first shipment of 20 books looked.

Next I learned that in another book, within the first 157 pages, the recto (right-side) page contained a vertical streak all the way down the page that cut several letters out of words in each line. I have yet to see pictures of that fiasco.

The kicker was this feedback: “My copy of your book has a built in book mark feature. After I read a page, it comes loose from the binding. I have never seen anything like it.” My gentle reader was telling me he’d spent good money on a piece of crap!

Open the flawed book and the page becomes a bookmark.

Page 82 from flawed book, compared to same page in a properly printed book. The outside print margin is obviously wrong.

From the outside the pages of the top (flawed) book are falling out, compared to an unflawed book below it.

PLEASE, Please, pretty please, if you purchased a book from Amazon that has flaws—aside from my pesky typos, please let me know. Knowledge is the weapon I need to wrangle with Amazon’s POD publishing platform for quality control.