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Being nonreligious, Easter has never meant more to me than Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies. But I know it’s a very important day for a lot of people. And this Easter will go down in the history books and will lodge in the memories of most of us. I pity those whose traditions center on large gatherings, worship, fancy hats, and family feasts. Unfortunately, the curve has not sufficiently flattened in the States. This day will be a day of tremendous loss for too many families. And even those families that escape fatality or illness, must often face being separated from parents, grandparents, kids, siblings, and grandkids. For all of you who have or will sacrifice something today, I give my condolences.

I rose early in the hopes of a nice Greenbelt walk, but I wasn’t early enough. As I approached the beloved Boise River, the hoards were beginning to form, so I doubled back and walked the beautiful neighborhoods that rim the river. They were quiet. Deserted. Spring is fingering across the land, birds nervously guard nests in trees and chimneys. Geese hiss territorial warnings. Syringa, Idaho’s state flower, paint the air with their fragile aroma. It’s a good day to be alive. I count my blessings and share spring with those of you who can’t get out right now.                   IMG_2586