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Idaho Republican Governor, Brad Little

Idaho Republican Governor, Brad Little

In reaction to the Coronavirus outbreak in Idaho, Republican Governor Little made the difficult decision to shut down the local economy by mandating a state-wide stay-at-home order starting on March 25, 2020. On April 15—the presumed end of the temporary restriction—the Governor extended the order to April 30.

Responses to the Governor’s decision are predictable, given the nature of his party—especially in Idaho, where a large portion of the population revere “individuality” right up there with God and Jesus. Who is going to enforce the order and what are the penalties?, whined a group of pinheads who need every detail spelled out in black and white. (Maybe this is meant as a suggestion to keep you and your loved ones safe? Just do the right thing!)

The Idaho Freedom Foundation wasted little time fussing over, not only the unfortunate but unavoidable slaughter of the state economy, but also “the harm the order does to individual rights.” When did individual rights become more important than the welfare of the family, the community, the city, the state, the nation? When did we become such a selfish people? What happened to sacrificing your comfort for the good of others? Where is the Christian creed in this love affair with the individual?

The Preamble to the US Constitution begins, “We the People.” It does not say, I establish this constitution, or this hallowed committee establishes the constitution. The Preamble goes on to establish the purpose of the Constitution:

  • Form a more perfect Union (not a more perfect man or woman or state—a union)
  • Establish Justice (public safety)
  • Insure domestic Tranquility (can’t we all just get along?)
  • Provide for common defense (against any force, biological or man-made)
  • Promote general Welfare (health)
  • Secure the Blessings of Liberty (What is LIBERTY, really? Does liberty give each individual the freedom to cause harm to his or her fellow? Does it mean the Liberty to use your brains and rise to the occasion?)

Republican Bonner County Legislator, Heather Scott.

Another GOP lawmaker boldly referred to the Governor as “Little Hitler” for “taking away people’s lives and property.” For your information, Ms. Heather Scott, Hitler did NOT imprison people in the comfort of their homes. He packed people up in cages, stole their possessions and businesses, fed them less than 300 calories a day, and sentenced them to hard labor. Those too weak to work were incinerated like roadkill.

Governor Little, acted on swiftly shifting scientific recommendations. He asked his constituents to remain in their homes for their own safety as much as for the safety of others. Where possible, he has made exceptions for essential workers, extending “essential” to take-out food and beverages, which really are more convenience than essential, however, any commerce that can safely continue during this strange episode in history is a welcome relief to our economy and to the individuals who eek out a tiny income from them.

A group of protesters showed up in front of the empty Captiol Building today, firearms on their hips, signs and chants ready. Go ahead, you idjuts. Wrap yourselves in unity! Hug one another! Exchange some sloppy kisses! We need fewer of you and more of those who understand science and willingly bite the bullet to keep their neighbors safe. This is a novel, folks, and we’ve barely gotten to the end of Chapter 1.


Boise Capitol; April 17, 2020. Photo Credit: Darin Oswald @Statesman_photo