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Okay, we got through January 6th. President-elect Biden’s victory has been confirmed. Insurrection by the mob at the Capitol Building has been thwarted. Formerly staunch Trump supporters within and without his administration are fleeing the sinking ship that was supposedly Making America Great Again. We are less than two weeks away from a new administration and many of us sigh in relief.

But the the mob behind the foment; the rampant lack of respect; the disgust for rule of law; the misinterpretation of facts and of the Constitution and of the meaning of a Democratic Republic that Donnie skillfully manipulated is still foaming at the bit.

MAGA crowd at Trump’s Wednesday morning rally :Photo Pete Marovich @nytimes

Responding to one of my comments on Twitter about how much damage had been done in four short years, a Trump troll quickly responded, “You idiot this man will go down as the greatest president of all time.” His remark touched off a whole slew of follow ups by other Trump trolls who are licking their wounds and planning their next assault on America.

Clearly technology works both ways and tech sleuths are furiously poring over gazillions of frames of video footage and poring over social media and internet sites to identify the arrogant, petulant children that comprised the mob.

Photo Erin Schaff @nytimes

But once we’ve identified them, perhaps even arrested them, then what? Do we plug up the court system trying to lock them away in prisons where they will spread their disease and beef up their muscles like hamsters?

Do we send them to re-education camps as did Mao Tse-tung?

Do we palm them off on the now disrupted and suddenly disgusted Republican party to deal with?

Do we forgive them as did Nelson Mandela in South Africa? That would be the “Christian” approach, if I’m not mistaken.

These malcontents are malcontened for a reason. (Maybe not a very good reason, but who’s to judge the path another person walks?) They are not going away. The finest, most loveable and inspirational leader the mind can imagine would not be able to tame the beast that Trump has prodded and conned.

Impeachment won’t fix this. Neither will taking his beloved Twitter account away from him. Maybe we could round them all up and place them with the Trump family on a large iceberg so they could observe climate change and great leadership up close and personal.

Photo Alexander Hafemann @mlenny.com

In all seriousness, I have no idea how this problem can be solved short of civil war, which would probably mean further destruction of America specifically and the world at large.