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What prompts us to pay more for organics?
Would it be to avoid antibiotics?
Or is it more nutrients we are after?
Do we love the feel of the natural wrapper?
Are we avoiding hormones, drugs, and chemicals?
Do we hope to stave off free radicals?
Do organics taste better, or is it all merely perversity?
Some undoubtedly hope to preserve agricultural diversity.
Maybe we yearn to avoid genetic modification.
Perhaps we are leery of the synthetic pesticide solution.
I know I want to reduce waste and pollution.

individually wrapped potatoes

Why then, would Albertson’s fancy Marketplace
individually swaddle in plastic film and lace
so many of their fine organic products? 
Doesn’t all that extra wrapping diminish profits?
Do they not see me wandering the rows
in search of one or three naked organic potatoes?
Why do they trap in Styrofoam tubs my organic tomatoes?
My only organic choices for grapes and green beans
are captured in plastic packaging like bloody proteins.
Do they not see me leave the produce section,
head shaking, grocery bag sagging in hungry dejection?
Do they not know that I will go elsewhere
to find vegetables in bins open to the air
to be freely hand-selected by shoppers?
I guess they really don’t need my dollars.

3-pak of wrapped potatoes