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The middle of June found me driving to the northern panhandle of our funny looking state. There I met up with five other eager Idaho Trails Association volunteers. It was a long (nine-hour) drive just to spend three days clearing trail, but I was eager to pick the brains of some of the locals for fun places to explore after the project was over. In the photo below we were marching off to our first day of work, which commenced on a trail just past this bridge and to the right. We worked upstream (right of bridge) and downstream (left of bridge) beside the Coeur d’Alene river.

It was a great project and we were blessed with not too many mosquitoes or ticks and lovely weather. Within 10 days of our project, the temperatures in the Pacific Northwest skyrocketed, leaving everyone panting in distress. I’m so glad I’m home now, perched in front of the air conditioner.

During our three days, we removed 55 trees over a nine-mile stretch of the Coeur d’Alene Trail #20. We repaired tread and did a lot of brush cutting, besides improving that stream crossing. Future posts will reveal the fun adventures I had after the work project.