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WordPress recently congratulated me for a decade’s worth of posts. Time flies. I really did move over here from Blogspot ten years ago. For the most part it was a good move. WordPress provides much greater flexibility in content design. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t spent incalculable hours fighting to make something happen that seems like it should be so simple but is, in fact, ridiculously complicated. And of course the minute I get comfortable and think I’ve got things figured out, some little cyber-monkey decides to redesign or upgrade the interface. Oh well. Those frustrations are just calisthenics for the mind. I don’t have to like them, but they’re good for me.

Coincidentally, somehow I’ve also recently crossed the threshold of 4,000 followers. Now that is nothing short of mind-boggling. However, I don’t let it get to my head because I know that the majority of those followers are either a.) feverishly trying to boost their own numbers by randomly following everyone and everything without ever actually engaging with the bloggers they follow, b.) friendly stalkers who actually read but rarely raise their hands, or c.) spammers looking for a mistake they can breach to do cyber-mischief. Every now and then I open the WordPress spam filter for a dose of afternoon comedy. What is to be found in the WordPress spam filter is beyond ludicrous. Chuckle with me over these:

  • “Does anybody know if I can buy JUSTKRATOM White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules (justkratomstore.com) at E Smoke Stick LLC, 1501 East Altamonte Drive Suite 1015, Casselberry, FL, 32730?”
  • “Where Are Juno Vape Pods Made?”
  • “Hi there. I have just verified your SEO on rangewriter.wordpress.com for its SEO Trend and saw that your website could use a boost. We will improve your Ranks organically and safely, using only whitehat methods, If interested, please email us . . .”
  • “Даём деньги за старые рекламные аккаунты Google Ads (Adwords) . Подходят уже закрытые и неактивные аккаунты! Покупаем без передачи почты, то есть почта и все остальные сервисы останутся у Вас!” 

What elevated my blog from less than 50 followers to the thousands was an August 2013 post which was Freshly Pressed. (I think they now call that Discover…a much more mundane moniker for highlighting notable blogs) Banding Hummingbirds for Science . . . and the thrill of holding such a mystical being! was definitely viewed by more eyeballs than any other of my posts.

Blogging on WordPress has been and continues to be a rewarding endeavor and I’m grateful to each and every reader who has stuck by me through the years.