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I’m bad about keeping track of my route when I’m on the road. I get carried away by the journey and assume when I get home I’ll be able to match photos to map. Meanwhile life distracts me: a hard-drive replacement, another trip, a project, you know how it is. By the time I get around to looking at where I’ve been, I’ve forgotten where I was. But this I know. I was somewhere southwest of Dayville, Oregon when I came across this old relic.

Naturally I had to crawl in and look around.

Hmmm. Kids have been at play. This place is so far from any little towns or ranches, I wondered how far these kids drove to party in the middle of nowhere. Maybe they will grow up to be roaming adults like me.

Speaking of roaming, I wonder what lies just around the bend?

I really was distracted by trying to get the lighting right on a tricky shot. I don’t know how that x-rated grafitti slipped past me.

On the windowsill: THEY EXIST BETWEEN THE WALLS ~~ Hmmm. I sure wonder who they are.

“Sex DRUGS and ROCK and ROLL speed weed and Birth control lifes a BITCH THEN U DIE Fuck the world lets get high.” High poetry. The mantra of youth the world over. But I was especially impressed by the part about birth control.

She sure had strong bones, this poor old building. A wonder what stories lie hidden behind these walls.