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My blessings seem obscene in light of the misery visited upon the families of Superior and Louisville, Colorado. On the first day of the new year, as those poor folks trod through the embers of their homes, I went for a morning walk along the river.

It seemed like overnight, our parched valley turned into a winter wonderland. Our ski area went from base-scraping rock fields to knee-deep powder. The thermometer took a deep dive.

Frozen ice crystals are the perfect fabric for a New Year’s ball.

Once again, I count my blessings. I begin a new year, the final one of this decade for me, with my home, my health, and oodles of beauty wherever I look. My heart breaks for those who lost everything two short days before a winter storm could have saved them from the hell of a fire storm. I hope non of you, my readers, were impacted by the last fire of an already dreadful year. I wish everyone peace, good health, and happiness moving forward.

My one complaint is hyperopia which often disguises an almost like this one as genius captures in the field.