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A stop in Deer Lodge Montana is well worth the time. The Old Montana State Prison—a topic for another post—houses several interesting museums. One that took me utterly by surprise is the Montana Auto Museum. Rated by USA Today as one of the top ten auto museums in the country, there are over 160 automobiles on display here, from the very earliest days of the horseless carriage to the most innovative new EV powered vehicles.

I found myself quite enamored by all the hood ornaments. Did you know that hood ornaments began life as a nice way to adorn (and handle) the radiator cap which was initially positioned on the hood of the vehicle?

Wait a minute! I though REO Speed Wagon was the name of a band! Who knew it was a car first?

Aren’t they fascinating? They seem to trace male fetishes through the decades. It’s kind of too bad that hood ornaments interfere with drag coefficient because it would be interesting to see what values would rise to the fore today.