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We’ve had a spate of inclement weekends. But in a high desert region facing a hot, dry summer, I relish every drop of moisture we get in whatever form it lands and no matter what day it arrives. Of course, I’m retired, so weekdays are my have-fun days and weekends are throw-away days. Last weekend our ski area received a surprise 7″ of snow, which of course did no good for the resort because they’re in the midst of preparing the mountain for summer activities like concerts, mountain biking, and hiking. But it helped our overall snowpack/water situation. Again, this weekend has proven to be a rather wet disappointment to those who count on weekends to recharge their over-worked batteries.

This morning it was just drizzling and the air smelled so fine that I just had to grab a raincoat and go for a walk.

I WANT this sign!

Have you ever seen such a lovely shroom?
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Mailbox post 3
Different sized cones on the same tree. Different cone sexes, perhaps?

Redneck Remodel (it’s been like this for over 6 months)
A broader perspective on the Redneck Remodel