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I’m enjoying the local adventure of farm sitting for friends. Meadowlark Farm is a small, independent, organic farm about 20 miles outside of Boise proper. However, Boise’s satellite burbs have grown up around the farm bringing annoying traffic noise. Meadowlark’s main product is lamb, but they also sell eggs and, when available, chicken for meat. In addition there is a plethora of fruit and vegetables to graze on.

This barn! It is the centerpiece of Meadowlark Farms. (No, I haven’t seen or heard any meadowlarks.)

It’s a pretty chill gig, although a bit more involved than when I did the same thing last fall after the green season was finished and before the lambs began dropping. Irrigation will not begin till next week so the crops need to be hand watered which is time consuming. I’ve been logging three to four miles a day without going anywhere.

As I mentioned, this is an organic farm. The owners are earth conscious and don’t till. Insects are not a problem, thanks to all those hungry free-ranging chickens. But weeds? Oh they are abundant. And I don’t know one green thing from another, so weeding is not for me. The weeds like to hide amongst the peas which have nothing but each other to climb on. It’s quite a tangled web.

Thank heavens for some glorious old shade providers. The house stays cool, as does the barn.
Pollinator garden

No farm is complete without some mousers. There are four felines to fuss over. The youngest has lost his roaming privileges because he roamed all the way to the neighbor’s yard where he was treed by their guard dog. The oldest has two teeth and two enormous claws on one back foot. Somehow with those limitations, he can still catch mice.

Jail has its advantages.
Sammy, besides being a clown, is a great help in managing chickens and finding errant cats.