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Two perspectives of the iconic Sawtooth Mountains

OMG, I’ve died and gone to heaven (DAGTH)—again. No, I’m alive and this is just one more experience that demonstrates the possibilities of heaven. Really, I don’t believe in or aspire to heaven beyond earth, but I’ve experienced many of these DAGTH moments. A few details verify that I’m still earthbound.

  • The bugs that appear from nowhere—some, blown in on a breeze mean no harm at all; other little blood suckers seem to exist only to drive me insane and raise enormous welts on my skin or threaten my immune system with their creepy crawly ways.
  • A little rain squall, which I admit drives me into the new chariot to test whether I can get away with balancing the need for ventilation with the need to keep things dry. But it’s really nothing—a brief mountain squall that leaves my view of the not-too-distant Sawtooths intact.

Eventually the squall passes, and I emerge again to be bathed by a fresh breeze that blows the bugs away and leaves me content to gawk at the drama of wind currents buffeting clouds that tease the lowering sun.

When I go car camping, I seek a place that allows me to feel like the only person on the planet. Of course I know by the media that I bring with me and by the high-tech vehicle that delivers me that I am not alone. But the euphoria of escaping the clutches of expectations and the hazards of humanity soothes my soul. From my solitary site, divorced from air compressors, ATVs, kids on motorcycles, barking dogs, I relish this utter peacefulness—nothingness.

Wind riffles my hair and birds romance each other while the ever-changing light strikes the peaks of my beloved Sawtooth Mountains. I am so freakin’ lucky.

Clouds get in my eyes
The burn scar from a 2012 fire opens the view to startling sunsets and sunrises.

A side note: When I leave a dispersed campsite, no one knows I was ever there. Leave no trace. Pack it in; Pack it Out. This, by the way, was the maiden voyage for my new Toyota RAV4 hybrid. We’re gonna get along just fine.