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Did you think if you shat in the middle of the path and plopped a few rocks over your mess it would be ok? REALLY?

Or, perhaps I should give you the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps you actually stepped off the path into the bushes for a bit of privacy. And THAT is where you left your unburied shit and shit paper. REALLY?

So your shit paper is now wallpaper for how many rodent burrows and bird nests? Oh, you can blame the rodents. They carried your paper up to the path. REALLY?

The height of irony is that this was not even in a wilderness area. My footprints were the only human prints on this path that was well worn by motorized vehicles. So you drove in here, stopped and hopped off your OHV, bared your bum, let go, wiped your ass, dropped your paper and left it for a 69-year-old hiker to carry out for you. You came prepared with paper, but not with a plastic bag in which to put the paper? REALLY?

I wish I knew where you live so I could come and take a shit in front of your door. I might even leave my plastic bag under a rock beside my shit so you could get a bit of practice.