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I’m stealing this idea from an essay in High Country News, November 13, 2017. Journalists Ana Maria Spagna and Laura Pritchett posed the simple question: “What would you do if you knew the world was ending, and you had 24 hours to live?” Actually, the question is not so simple. The essay shifts back and forth between the two authors as each grapples with a thoughtful and honest reply to the question.

  • Where would you want to be? Outdoors? Indoors? In bed? In front of the fireplace? In a blizzard?
  • Would you want to be alone? Surrounded by friends? Family? Pets?
  • What would you want to hear in your last moments on earth? Music? Birds? Silence?
  • What would you want your eyes to fall on in your last hours and moments?

I confess, I’m not in the habit of thinking about the end. I’m too involved in the present to expend much time or energy thinking about the end. The chance of being able to control any of these factors is remote, so why bother? However, the idea does present a fine context for winnowing out what is really important. I need to spend some time thinking about this before I draw conclusions. I plan to check back in a few weeks with my answer to the question: What would I do if the world was coming to an end in 24 hours?

How about you? Any thoughts?