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Years of struggling with a way to present the narrative. Years of starts and stops and rewrites. Months of editing and proofing. Enfolding the fully designed text inside a stunning cover. Then the final decision, like that moment of stepping off the high dive board, pressing “publish!

Then a flurry of amateur marketing. Books begin to arrive in the hands of generous and excited buyers. Meanwhile, the shipment of 20 books to the author drags on. It takes much longer to print and ship one book than it does to print and ship 20 books. The excitement is overwhelming.IMG_2276

At last, the shipment arrives. Eagerly yanking out a book to peruse . . . ack! An error. Another error! OMG, two errors on one page!! Twenty errors on the first 10 pages!! How does this happen? (I know very well how this happens and I should have known enough to set everything aside for a month and do one more read through before hitting the publish button. But anticipation and a self-made deadline over rode my better judgement.) 11141361_10205762590881589_3599078465591577395_o

This is an apology to all of you who so faithfully and kindly purchased an early version of My Life With and Enigma. I’m red-faced, horrified, embarrassed, and ashamed that you ended up with such a flawed piece of crap. The errors have been fixed. A new, improved product is available.