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Here, as many of you know, is Boise, Idaho. Idaho is that funny looking state with a panhandle that reaches north to the Canadian border, and is separated from the Pacific ocean by our neighbor states of Washington and Oregon. Boise is the state capital as well as the county seat. Ugly politics happen here. I spend a good portion of my time flummoxed and infuriated by what elected officials choose to argue about and ultimately legislate. But here at the intersection of sagebrush steppe, high, intermountain desert, and the Rocky Mountains, it’s a good place to live.

A river runs through it. The Boise River drains the mountain ranges to the north and feeds into the mighty Snake on it’s way to the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean. Occasionally Idaho Fish & Game stocks the river with steelhead trout luring local fishermen to a wade on their lunch hours.

One day the foothills east of town look warm and inviting. A good day to be collecting sagebrush seed for the Fish & Game.

Two days later, the foothills warn of season change. Not such a terrific day for collecting sagebrush seed for the Fish & Game.

Ouch! Lots of big trucks around here. They can spell disaster for small rodents and elves.

Online/drive-thru Boise Farmers Market just about ready to start delivering the goods to their faithful customers. This has been going on every Saturday morning from April to December for the last two years. A new way to do business.

Oliver Russel & Associates, a B Corp internationally recognized as “Best Workplace,” pays homage to social justice heroes on their Inspiration Alley wall. Murals by reknown local urban artists, Sector Seventeen.

Like in many communities across the country, the pandemic years have created shortages of just about everything, except construction cranes and blocked-off streets.

Looking north from the river to the historic 8th Street Marketplace warehouse district where many (but not all!) of Boise’s cultural venues are located.

Nothing like a city all bedecked with holiday jewels.

And of course, no holiday is complete anymore without it’s blow-up dolls. I did sort of like how these came together. Since I despise the architectural monstrasty in the background, I won’t bother to name it.

But this last vision sheds light on the previous image. Locals will understand.